Haven’t Slept

I haven’t slept since 12 midnight and I have a lot of questions on my mind.

Today I have a lot of classes starting from 9 am to 6pm with only 2 hours of break.

It isn’t a bad thing. I enjoy going to lectures, tutorials, workshops and practicals. I enjoy learning. Somehow it makes me feel really energised. I guess I am driven by the fact that I have to do well in my exams. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The only issue is that it has completely messed up my sleep cycle.

Yesterday, I woke up at 4 am and started working on an assignment. Today, I couldn’t do the same. Even though I was awake. I felt internally sick while trying to switch on my laptop and do the work.

Yesterday I also did something unusual.

I went to the library to study. Yes I finally did it. I mostly hate studying alone in the library because I feel anxious for some reason. However I gathered my courage and sat down to do my assignments.

The changes are slow but they are happening and it makes me happy to see where I have reached.