Black and White

Black and White

I was told life our actions are black and white.

Either it is wrong or right.

And for a girl the only right thing was,

To serve the ones above and no curse words.

“Serve you brothers some water and take their shoes,

Keep them in the side and dont mind the abuse.”

“Bring your father to the meeting not your mother,

They aren’t usually strict so don’t bother.”

“Your sister is 25 and needs to find a man,

Women get wings in their back

and not just menstrual pads.”

You see the definition of feminism changes from places to places,

I have seen more women against women then men being sexist.

I have experienced more women make me feel uncomfortable and sick inside,

Black and whites cannot be the same

But maybe they could love themselves first.

-Sayoni Roy(5th August 2018)