Australian 1st Year University Experience – Making Friends

Australian 1st Year University Experience – Making Friends

My friend and I were talking about caste system and reservation back in India. We know it is wrong. We do admit it. However every side of the coin has two sides.

I noticed how back in India, often people would ask me if I am a Brahmin since my surname is Roy. People whom I had just met that day would ask me such question. It was weird to me that someone would pry so much into someone else’s life even though they barely know them.

You know in India you suddenly become friends with someone. I mean for example, once I was sharing a room in the dorm with another girl who was also from my hometown. That’s all I knew about her. That she was from my hometown. Suddenly we became close friends. We didn’t need to know much about each other.

However in Australia, I have found it is quite difficult to make friends.

For example, I have several people I know from my tutorials whom I talk to on a regular basis however they still wouldn’t consider me as their friend. Not all are Australians. Most of them are international students. Nevertheless, it is even more difficult to converse with other international students.

Sometimes it is the language barrier. Specially with first year international students, some of them can write in English really well but they can’t speak English that well. It feels like they don’t want to even try talking to me.

The majority of the friends I have are from my university accommodation. I met them during the first few weeks. To be honest I feel bad calling them friends since I barely know about them other than their major or a bit about their daily life.

I look at other students around me and I feel really guilty of not making as many friends as they have.

They all seem to be hanging out, enjoying life and doing activities together. However, I am barely going out. Barely doing anything.

All day and everyday I just stay in my room. Nobody calls me up until and unless they need my help with their ASSIGNMENTS. Suddenly during the deadline period everyone becomes my friend. They sugarcoat everything so that I help them.

Regardless of this, I am waiting to find out what my life will be like in future.


I had cold the other day and one of my new friend was kind enough to give me some medicines since I had none. It was a small gesture to others but to me it meant a lot.

Honestly,  it made me think.

I have been in Adelaide for few months now. Initially when I came here I met a lot of people. It was orientation week. I made friends. I acquainted myself with some residents living in the student hall. It was fine. I wasn’t particularly lonely.

It was fine till I hit the one and a half month of staying mark. This is the phase where you get somewhat settled into your new place and get used to your daily routine. My main focus was studies and still is. I need to maintain good grades not just because of my scholarship but also because of my pride. Yet somewhat back in my mind, the idea of finding someone at university was lurking. I swear I don’t remember who was the one who told me we meet our soulmates at university.

I went out. I went to parties. I went to events. I met people but not the special one. Whenever I felt like I met someone who makes me comfortable. They would vanish away. My anxiety wasn’t having any of this.

“Did I say something offensive?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Why aren’t people attracted to me?”

“Am I that ugly?”

I love consolidating myself. Yet somehow the consolidations fell through. I began to feel “LONELY”.

The fact that I had already started to see couples around me worsen my feelings. It made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of anyone. At this point in my life I was convinced I would be happy even if I only had a friend.

Now at this point in my life, I have started to accept (still haven’t accepted fully) the fact that I am lucky to have four precious friends in Adelaide who are there for me.

A part of me wants to find someone who would resonate with me and another part of me has just accepted this fate. It almost seems like a better life is awaiting me and hence everything around me has paused. So I am trying to remain positive in this situation.

This is The Start

This is The Start

Thank you for visiting my page. I previously had a blog but due to certain circumstances I had to delete it.

It was difficult for me to get back into writing but I have decided to give it a go. I have a certain objective in mind and my mind wont be at rest till I complete it.

In this life I couldn’t achieve much. Mostly because I never tried.

I wanted to learn how to sing but couldn’t learn because I was afraid I have a bad voice. I wanted to write songs and did end up writing few but also ended up quitting midway because of school. I wanted to audition as a lyricist but could never gather the courage to face the judges.

Hence for me, this website means a lot. I am willing to face my fears for the first time. I hope even when I die, people re-read what I have written here and re-live my feelings,emotions,thoughts and ideas.

Meet this transient world with neither grasping nor fear, trust the unfolding of life and you will attain true serenity.  –Lord Krishna