To You – 24th November 2018

I hope you love me for who I am now and who I will be in the future. Change is inevitable. I will grow up and shape into the caricature of a woman slowly. If you still love me then I will never look back at those small arguments and disagreements.

When you are in pain and you feel like the whole world is crashing. Let me protect you. Let me embrace you so we both can get hurt in the process and the pain is shared. I will never understand your struggles or you in general but I want to emphasise and be with you. When you are 90 and you look back at our past, happiness should flood you.

In the process of loving you, I have grown up and in the process of growing up I have started loving you more.

When me meet it will be summer and the sun will be the witness to our love.


Learn how to breathe slowly,

Observe your breath and its sensation,

The wind that goes out, the warmth and the feeling

of inhaling the surrounding,

Learn how to breathe fast,

When you’re climbing up rocks,

The rhythm of your breath indicates,

Your heart beat rate.

The adrenaline rush.

Learn how to breathe in positivity,

The world is in shambles but,

You could be doing better than that,

Remember we breathe in oxygen but give out carbon dioxide,

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.

So learn how to breathe.

-Sayoni Roy

1st November,2018