What do I want?

What do I want?

Have you ever asked yourself what do you want in life? I often ask myself that question. I believe that everyone has their own inner desire. Some people want money, some people want happiness, some people want peace,some people want love and others just want to live. I believe that I want the ability to be who I want be. The only resource that can give you the ability to be who you want to be is money. Money is so powerful. It is so powerful that we have no idea.

Since I have grown-up in luxury. Growing up I barely had any idea about the real world. My parents have always given me the best they could. I think that’s the reason why I am biased. That is the reason I see myself as a rich person in future. Someone who is rich not only in knowledge but also in real life. People think that being rich won’t make them happy. I think quite the opposite. Of course money can’t make us happy but it can give us access to the resources needed to be happy. Of course with a lot of money comes a lot of responsibilities. However, it’s not the responsibilities that makes rich people feel miserable. I have read several articles about richest of the rich and most of them suffer from innate loneliness. This feeling of dejection and isolation comes from the people around them. The ones that change seeing someone succeed more than them.

When one is rich and powerful, it doesn’t give them the right to underperform. It should instead inspire them to do their best. Often this is also the reason for feeling dejected. A college student who becomes a millionaire shouldn’t drop out or give up their studies. I don’t understand the youth these days. You should aim to study and good grades regardless of being rich or not. It is a right you have and why should you deprive yourself of that right?

Getting admission in a popular university is not the end of your dreams. Getting a good degree out of it is. People often think the end goal of a degree is getting a job. Surely it is one of the several reasons why people enrol in undergraduate and graduate degrees. However, the primary goal should be attaining knowledge and experience.

Sometimes I study certain topics at university which I could have studied by myself in my home. However, university gives me a chance to collaborate and talk to professionals. It also gives me a chance to showcase my talents and learn from those who have experience in it.

Whether your aim is to be rich in life or knowledge, you shouldn’t lose your inner self while getting there.

Black and White

Black and White

I was told life our actions are black and white.

Either it is wrong or right.

And for a girl the only right thing was,

To serve the ones above and no curse words.

“Serve you brothers some water and take their shoes,

Keep them in the side and dont mind the abuse.”

“Bring your father to the meeting not your mother,

They aren’t usually strict so don’t bother.”

“Your sister is 25 and needs to find a man,

Women get wings in their back

and not just menstrual pads.”

You see the definition of feminism changes from places to places,

I have seen more women against women then men being sexist.

I have experienced more women make me feel uncomfortable and sick inside,

Black and whites cannot be the same

But maybe they could love themselves first.

-Sayoni Roy(5th August 2018)

My Heart Hurts

It doesn’t take someone even a minute to be kind yet all these people around me make me feel so bad.

I feel like I am in this loophole and all of this is a mistake. This entire thing. I don’t even know right now what I am typing.

I think I have wanted for friendship for too long and now I am just getting sick and tired of my heart hurting thinking about every time someone whom I considered my friend, hurt me.

I want to leave. Leave this mess. Leave everything I have done so far and run away and yet I am stuck in this place. I have to wake up every morning only to be upset that I am breathing.